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      Welcome to tianjin fengbao petroleum equipment co. LTD

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      Tianjin fengbao petroleum equipment co. LTD

      Tianjin fengbao petroleum equipment co. LTD

      Specializing in the production of oil casing, tubing collar, casing collar, short tubing

      National free enquiry hotline022-68112218


      Tianjin fengbao petroleum equipment co. LTD

      Tianjin FengbaoOil Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin, an important comprehensive port city in northern China. The company is a new, modern, professional integrated production and sales service-oriented enterprise. We haveadvanced casing and oilfield accessories processing technology and experience. All our products are in accordance with API Petroleum Association standards, using high-quality raw materials, serving in automotive parts, ship parts, petroleum machinery, mining machinery, m ...

      For details

      Feng bao equipment advantage

      Find the manufacturer that has actual strength very important

      Focus on oil casing production and development

      12 years Focus on the production and development of petroleum equipment

      One of the earliest oil equipment companies in tianjin, an authoritative brand in the industry

      Petroleum casing is of excellent quality

      Have a complete production system, quality products, satisfactory service

      skilled Quality guarantee Safe and reliable

      The company has a strong design, development and production capacity

      Integration of various resources, refined management, scale production, reasonable cost savings

      In the same quality, the same material, the same performance under the premise of the same industry affordable

      Complete kinds industry widely

      The product variety is complete, the quality is superior, is well - recognized

      Products cover oil pipe, oil casing, short pipe, casing collar, special buckle, etc

      The products are widely used in oil drilling, well completion, workover, coalbed methane drilling and mining, salt and alkali mining industry

      24-hour hotline:


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